PPC Manager

I build online strategies and campaigns that sell more, to more people, for more money.

I have helped companies like these accelerate growth.

Traditional methods have not delivered the results you need.

Many entrepreneurs have problems getting new leads, increasing sales or scaling their business.

TV and radio adverts are outside the budgets of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. Referrals are not enough to take turnover to the next level of growth. Billboards and flyers are not measurable, you don't know how many people saw them or who came from them to be able to justify the investment.

My role is simple: increase sales/leads with ROI through ads.

I help you through performance marketing, that is, using ad platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, I show ads to the people most likely to buy. Either because they have shown that they are actively looking or have interests relevant to the offer.

You only pay these platforms for actions taken, for example they only charge you if someone clicks or watches your ad and you can stop at any time.

I bring the most innovative strategies to your marketing mix.

I have managed

+100.000 € of investment

In more than

13 companies B2B and B2C

Due to the profitable experiences I've made in dozens of companies, I can provide unique conclusions for your business that could not be otherwise replicated internally.

I count in my training with a Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing by Lusófona University and more than 34 hours of specialized training.

My simplified process to make you grow:

STEP 1 - Diagnosis

Who are your customers? What are the industry's marketing practices? What are your competitors doing? What does your track record tell us? Not all companies start from the same starting point, we have to adapt it to your reality.

STEP 2 - Development

Prepare a strategy and implement it. We define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and get started. Here testing is king. Do your customers prefer the ad in black or white?

STEP 3 - Reporting and Feedback

I'll present you with a report with the results and we'll talk about what your perspective is on the quality of the leads or the purchases made and what lessons we can learn up to that point.

PASSO 4 - Repeat

The first campaign is always going to be the worst, that's why we will use the data on what worked best and worst with your customers and refine the campaigns to increase ROI.

No other marketing channel gives you the level of measurability, reliability and flexibility like online advertising. Sell to local, national or global customers looking for your product or service.

Success will not be instantaneous, but it will be palpable.

You will be able to track your investment on a daily basis and have access to metrics through a dashboard made for you. All your brand communications with the public will be approved by you before being published.

If Online Advertising isn't the right strategy for you, I say so. I'll take all the work based on the longevity of your business and a long-term connection. I won't recommend anything you don't believe in.

There are no magic formulas, no one size fits all, there are essential marketing principles that will be tailored for a greater chance of success. I don't promise results (beware of those who promise "easy" answers to complex problems), I promise hard work, honesty and transparency.

Don't delay your growth any longer. Talk to me.

PPC Manager Freelance
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